10 New Years Resolutions for an Architecture Student 2024

The New Year has started and if you are a student studying an Architecture degree, you will have completed the first semester of your studies, or are preparing to submit your portfolio for semester 1 submission. Once this is done, its good to take a moment to self reflect on what went you have learnt over the past few months and how you can strengthen your skills for the 2nd semester, below are some thoughts on New Years Resolutions for Architecture Students:

1. Explore diverse architectural styles to broaden your design perspective. Here’s a link to get you started from DesignWiki; https://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wiki/Architectural_styles

2. Engage in hands-on projects or internships to apply theoretical knowledge. Trying contacting Architecture practices local to where you live and see if they can offer you a week experience, or a day a week for a month to work around your courses schedule.

3. Enhance digital design skills with software like Autodesk Revit for 3D modeling tools and Enscape or Maya for rendering. Follow YouTube tutorials or ask colleagues who are learning with you and learn from each other.

4. Attend industry events and network with professionals for career insights. If London based, keep an eye out for The London Festival of Architecture taking place in June for the many events which take place during this month.

5. Prioritize time management to balance coursework and personal projects. Make yourself a weekly and monthly calendar to divide up your time and balance your deadlines.

6. Collaborate with peers on design challenges to foster a creative community. Keep an eye out on BeeBreeders for interesting Architecture competitions anyone can take part in. Remember to help each other, you're not in competition but rather trying to all level up together.

7. Stay updated on the latest trends and technologies shaping the field. Follow Dezeen, Architects Journal, RIBA journal, and other architectural magazines, your university likely has all of these available for free in the library as well as digital access online.

8. Seek mentorship from architecture students ahead of you in their studies or recently qualified architects to gain valuable guidance during the early stages of your career. Check out the Arts Emergency and Women in Architecture who offer amazing free mentoring programmes!

9. Document your design journey through a portfolio to showcase your growth. This will make it easier for you to build your portfolio when it’s time to apply for jobs or internships.

10. And most of all, remember to believe in yourself and trust your journey of learning, your not competing with each other, your learning from each other and your own individual experiences to see how you can apply your life experiences to your design to create a more enjoyable and healthy environment for yourself and your communities to live in.

Happy New Year !